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At the Law Office of Michael A. O'Hara, PLLC, we apply legal strategies to a variety of clients' needs. Generally those needs are categorized into four areas:


Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation includes Wrongful Death; Personal Injury; Family Law, which itself includes divorce, paternity, child support,child custody, child visitation, child adoption, child dependency, child emancipation, child truancy, child neglect and child abuse allegations. Civil Litigation generally involves two or more parties in a court contest where one or more of them is seeking some kind of change to the way things are. Those changes could include an order from the court for the other side to do something like pay money, or for the court to formally recognize some legal right or obligation.


Criminal Litigation


Criminal Litigation includes Drug and alcohol offenses, like possession, and distribution of controlled substances, and public intoxication , and Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol. Criminal Litigation also includes theft, or wrongful disposition offenses like embezzlement. And Criminal Litigation also includes assault and battery charges, from a simple assault to felony assault, and sexual assault or rape. Criminal Litigation involves a governmental entity, like a county, state, or federal government imposing a set of behavioral standards on the general society by punishing individuals, the government believes has acted outside those standards. Criminal Litigation always involves important constitutional rights of the accused. Often, when the government does not respect the rights of the accused, they are not permitted to punish.


Personal Planning


Personal Planning includes Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Nominations of Guardianship. Personal Planning involves providing for yourself, your family, other loved ones, or making charitable gifts that may go beyond your own life. Usually, when someone is interested in personal legal planning they come to me saying, "I want to make a will."


Business Planning


Business Planning includes Business Formation, Business Protection, as well as Buying or Selling a Business, or Passing Your Business to the Next Generation, your son or daughter. It includes agreements to buy or sell a business, and a plan to pass a business from one generation to the next. Business Planning involves a formal statement of how, and by whom a business will be owned and operated. Most of the time when people want business planning from our office, they say, " I want to start a business."
































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